Day seven – And I’m Done!

My week has finally ended and I silenced all my crtics who thought I wouldn’t make it through and lasted one whole week with only £10 to spend. Would I do it again? Not for all the tenners in the world. Especially when day seven started with a hangover of epic proportions, one that I would usually cure with all manner of fizzy drinks and grease.

The only things left in my cupboard were spices, porridge, pasta, stock cubes, garlic and protein powder. I had to make do with porridge for breakfast AND lunch (and I definitely think my hangover lasted longer because of this) and a protein shake for dinner.

The day after my challenge I managed to spend £10 in the one day, and I enjoyed every minute of it. I bought a Starbucks on the way to and from work (and I tipped the staff, I was just so happy to see Mr Starbuck again). I gave some change to a beggar, bought some people in work chocolate to say thanks for the drinks, bought some fruit and a packet of crisps. Oh and some toner.

What have I learned from my week living on a tenner? I don’t think anyone could survive on so little. If I had not had food in the cupbard I doubt very much I could have lasted the whole week.

You can always rely on the kindness of friends, colleagues and guy friends to buy you a drink when you are down and out. Some people may think doing this was cheating. But it’s not as if I asked them to buy me anything, and I made a point of not telling them about my challenge so they wouldn’t feel obliged to treat me.

What else I have I learned? Always use toner, never wear trainers with tights (especially black ones), always have change in your pocket for charity emergencies and running outside in the fresh air is just as beneficial, if not more so, than going spinning or to the gym.

I did manage to lose 3llbs over the week, which I quickly plan to put back on again with all the Starbucks and snacks I plan on consuming over the next few days. I hope this has shown me not to be so foolish with money and even when I think I have to get more cash from the machine or I have to stop at the shop for something, I’ll stop and wnder if I really need it.

It’s been interesting, but I certainly won’t be doing it again. Thanks to everyone who helped me on the way!

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