Day five – When I Almost Gave Up

I finished day five with £3 left in my pocket and I almost (almost) gave up. I would like to say I was prevented by my own determination but alas, it was actually by the fact the cash machine was broken. Anyway this is how I have eaten considerably into my budget and how I nearly gave up.

Work sent me out on a job, I was running late and didn’t have the time to walk so I had to get the bus there and back and then catch another bus to another job (I cannot wait to pass my driving test). I spent £3 on an all-day bus ticket. As I was feeling quite peckish I stopped off at Marks & Spencers for their sushi snacks to go (only £1.15 and very, very tasty as well as healthy. A bargain and beneficial).


On the way back to work I bought a packet of mints, essential before the drink with guy friend later that night. Everything was going quite well and I was still determined to stick to the no-drinking-and-I’m-on-a-detox excuse. But when I went back to the office disaster struck and I was hit with all sorts of computer malfunctions and writing blocks as well as being laden down with more and more stories to write before the end of the day. I was beginning to think I wouldn’t even make it out in time.

So I was in foul mood, stressed out, over worked and under paid and in much need of a glass of wine to sort myself out. Even though I was determined to sit this thing out, the only thing on my mind was a large, cold glass of Chardonnay to ease off the stress of the day. So I caved, and I stopped at a cash machine to get some money out. It was out of order. As was the next one. I took it as a sign and resigned myself to the fact I was going to have to stick with it and grit my teeth through the evening of non alcohol ahead of me.

But guy friend came to the rescue and seeing that I had had a shitty day (and being the gentleman that he was) insisted on buying me a glass of wine. And then another one. I stopped at two and told him I owed him a drink on the way home (he was driving). This is a perfect excuse for us to go out again (and because of the fact I don’t want to feel like I owe him anything, I always pay my way).

So I went to bed with £3 left, two glasses of wine in my belly and fully destressed from the day. Only two more days to go.

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