Day four – When My Physical Appearance Goes Down the Drain

I consider myself to be a very well-groomed kinda gal. I look after my appearance and spend a lot of money on all sorts of lotions and potions for my skin and hair. Well this morning I ran out of toner. I use toner everyday and now that my routine has been disrupted, I’m sure to feel the effects. These effects will no doubt come in the form of spots. If I do get a spot, then it will, like spots do, be coming at the worse time possible. Here is why.

I have been asked out for a drink with a guy friend of mine. Being the independent, 21st century girl that I am, I would never let a guy friend take me out and pay for everything. So, not being able to afford to go out for a drink with any kind of friend, never mind a guy friend, I would usually cancel. Only problem is, I have already cancelled on this particular guy friend before, it would be rude to do it again. And besides, I don’t really want to. So you see my predicament. I’ve solved this by agreeing and telling him I’m on a detox (as I’ve been known to do). Thus this solves any kind of paying-for-drinks problems which might crop up.

However, I don’t think I’ve ever been for a drink with a guy friend that didn’t involve alcohol, but first time for everything and all that. It should be an interesting, albeit different, evening out.

Although there is no doubt God will continue to punish me and I shall wake up tomorrow covered in spots. Not only that, but on Wednesdays I usually go spinning. It costs £4. That is 2/5 of my weekly budget so of course I cannot justify this just for an exercise class. So my skin and my figure is suffering for this challenge I’ve taken upon myself. I’m starting to wonder a) why I am doing this (seriously why am I?) and b) is it all worth it?


You have probably gathered the novelty has worn off and I’m starting to think I may not make it through the week. I have £8.50 left as I bought some grapes today. I won’t let my health suffer as well as everything else!

Let’s hope tomorrow is a better day and the drink with guy friend goes off without a hitch.

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