Day three – When I Commit the Biggest Fashion Faux Pas Ever

Day three of the task and I managed to spend a whole 30p. Yet once again I found my life was thrown into disarray almost from the moment I woke up. This is how it happened.
It was a grey and dismal Cardiff morning and as I had already washed and ironed a dress for work, there was no going back, I was going to have to wear it with no time to select a whole new outfit (a feat in itself) and iron it. No money issues with wearing a dress to work, but the big problem was, I wasn’t prepared to spend the money to get the bus and I certainly wasn’t prepared to trek the 30 minutes to the office in three-inch heels. I had no choice but to commit the biggest fashion faux pas ever – I had to wear trainers with tights, black tights to be exact, with white Nike Air Max. Not a good look on anyone, I doubt even Angelina Jolie could pull it off.
I wanted to don a disguise as Sod’s Law said I was bound to run into some tall, dark and handsome stranger in such a ridiculous state. I settled for a hat and power walked into the office.
Again the day passed with no real need to spend any money. I had to go out for a job and again I would have taken the bus but instead I walked and am hoping I’ll at least lose a few pounds when this is all over.
It turned into a rather nice day and I stopped at a shop to break my note (should I have had anymore charity emergencies). As it was a nice day I thought I would buy an ice lolly. Usually I would go for your standard £1.20 Solero option, but this time I had to settle for a 15p ice pole, which I haven’t had since I was a kid. And it was lush, much more refreshing than an over-priced Solero, and I was only 30p into my budget (I bought two).
I got home late and was too tired to eat so more food in the bank for later in the week. Easy peasy. Let’s see what tomorrow will bring.

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