Day One – When I Wonder if God Will Ever Forgive Me

Day one of my spendthirft’s challenge passed off successfully and I am proud to say I still have a crisp £10 pound note burning a hole in my pocket. Well, proud is probably not the most appropriate word seeing as I’ve managed to get myself into the big man’s bad books. This is how it happened.


As you know, yesterday was Easter Sunday so I thought I would do the Christian thing and take myself off to church. This is when I encountered my first problem – the collection. Those of you unfamiliar with the proceedings in a Catholic mass, every week a collection is taken for various charities around the community, it is up to each parishioner how much they will put in, some leave notes, some leave coins, but people generally leave something.

As the collection baskets went around, it suddenly dawned on me that I hadn’t broken my £10 note yet and if I were to donate any money, that would be my weekly budget gone, just like that. I wrestled with my conscience, but to be honest, it didn’t take long. I held on to my money and defiantly passed the basket on to the next person while the little old lady beside me eyed me with the kind of disdain normally reserved for door-to-door salesmen.

Not only did I not give to the needy, but I did not give to the needy on Easter Sunday! I was surely going to hell and as I skulked out of there I wondered if God would ever forgive me. Surely he would understand the pressing needs of this monumental task I was embarking on? I was going to have to do some serious grovelling. But I absolutely promise that next week I will return with a pocket laden with money ready to be transferred into the hands of the less fortunate.


The rest of the day passed quite easily as I had a full cupboard of food. I was, however, asked out for a drink with an old friend, which I had to decline as the thought of wasting money on a drink and a taxi at this early stage in the week was too much of a sacrifice to make.

I went to bed still wracked with guilt and set my alarm 30 minutes early as I realised I would have to walk to work in the morning. Damn, this was not going to be as easy as I thought it would be.

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