A Spendthrift’s Challenge or My Week on a Tenner

I consider myself to be very foolish with money, just ask my dad if you don’t believe me. I’ve lost count of how many wallets and bank cards I’ve lost over the years and I was on first name terms with all the staff at the “lost or stolen cards” section of my bank. I don’t know anything about mortgages or interest rates or anything like that and the only thing I know about overdrafts is that I have two very large ones.

I get money, spend like a WAG and the next thing I know I’m in Tesco buying my weekly shop when the guy at the counter gives me a dubious look before telling me my card has been declined. “There must be some mistake,” I gasp, well aware there actually isn’t. I do like spending on my card, if you don’t see the money being exchanged then you’re technically not spending any are you? Well that’s the money philosophy I live by anyway.


So anyway I skulk out of Tesco red-faced and panic stricken as I realise I have no food at home and no money in the bank. At this stage I usually cry and promise myself I won’t be so foolish with my money next month and resign myself to a week of porridge and pasta (which I seem to have an endless supply of at home).

But of course no sooner is my balance in the plus again before I’m straight down to Topshop or into Sainsburys (I can afford Sainsburys for the first week of the month) to see if they have any champagne offers on.

You get the general idea. So I was intrigued and inspired by Stuart Jeffries efforts to live on just £10 for a week. Stuart, a journalist for the Guardian, was spurred on by the thousands of people in China who were taking the “100 yuan challenge“. I’m thinking, how difficult can it be? I’m on a diet anyway so food won’t be a problem and if anything it’ll keep me off the champagne lifestyle I’ve become accustomed to (well Chardonnay at least).

For the next week you can follow my trials and tribulations of life on a tenner and if it doesn’t work, I will give £10 to a local charity (which I should probably do anyway). Tomorrow I will go on a shopping frenzy and will commence on Easter Sunday. So watch this space for updates on my progress.

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4 Comments on “A Spendthrift’s Challenge or My Week on a Tenner”

  1. Jo Says:

    How will you eat?!

  2. rachelq82 Says:

    Fortunately my cupboards are full (for a change), though not sure how long the food will last, we shall see

  3. Dave & Sue Says:

    Good luck with this! Cut lunches and coffee in a thermos. And don’t go out and get guys to buy you drinks – thats just cheating!

  4. susan Says:

    I love the pic, i used to teach these two kids in Archbishop Beck in Liverpool 🙂 good luck with the challenge rach

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