Starting at the Top

You always think you are going to be OK. You read the newspapers, go online, watch the news and listen to the radio. And no matter what you hear or read you always think you are going to be OK.

Following the job losses at Manchester Evening News, Media Guardian led with the job losses and journalist strikes that followed the job losses. It was a bleak Monday. Like they aren’t bad enough already, and there were 27 newspaper journalism postgraduate students coming to the end of a long, tiring and stressful term. A fun term, but a tiring one. The light was at the end of the tunnel, just some law coursework to do, a few more production days and that was that, one step closer to that journalism job. Then we see Media Guardian. No jobs, no prospect of jobs, falling circulations, papers switching to online. Doom and gloom for hacks and aspiring hacks everywhere.

And I think it was at this moment I actually thought, “Maybe it’s not going to be OK after all.” Here we are slogging our guts out to prove we have what it takes to pass this prestigious course and go into the cut-throat world of journalism. But is it all for nothing? Are we all in the wrong industry?

My colleagues have started to talk about going into PR, sales and marketing but it seems even that isn’t a safe bet as search engine giant Google announces 200 job losses.

So what do I do? Should I pack my bag and go globetrotting again? Should I stay with education and hide behind another course until the recession passes? Should I graduate and take any job offer that goes? Or should I be optimistic and believe that the perfect journalism job is out there waiting for me?

Tomorrow marks my first day of work placement and I have been lucky enough to have been accepted onto The Evening Standard. What a way to start! I hope this is only the beginning of what my life as a journalist is going to be like – start at the top and keep on climbing because no matter what I read, I really do think I am going to be OK.


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