The Wonder That is Twitter (and Rob Brydon)

Another day, another blog about the wonder that is Twitter! I haven’t been very forthcoming on the old blog front lately and can only blame my up-and-coming journalist career combined with exams and stressing about the death of journalism as a reason (laziness had nothing to do with it of course).

So why is Twitter so brilliant, apart from the obvious reasons, I hear you ask? I will tell you the story of my week as Cardiff School of Journalism’s art’s editor.

Our weekly art’s supplement, Hwyl – the spirit of the weekend – comes out every Friday and, it being Comic Relief this week, I thought I’d do a special Comic Relief edition. So a Comic Relief special edition in Wales would need a celebrity interview with links to both. But who would it be? Well of course it would have to have been Ruth “Nessa” Jones and Rob “Bryn” Brydon, our very own home-grown talent who are singing this year’s Comic Relief single with Tom Jones and Robin Gibb.


Now how on earth was I going to get such huge celebrity names for an art’s supplement with very little readership and no circulation (it is an internal publication for training purposes)?

First stop was obviously going to be their PR agents. After a few phone calls and even more emails I was feeling a little confident that I would be able to get at least one of them.

A phone call at the weekend from Tidy Productions confirmed Ruth Jones would indeed give me an interview, all I had to do was email the questions. An email interview is better than no interview at all so I was happy.

My happiness was shortlived however when I got a rather blunt email from Rob Brydon’s PR firm telling me he was simply much too busy promoting the single and touring this week and they were really sorry. At least they had the decency to apologise.

But I wasn’t done yet. Being his Twitter follower after recently discovering the wonder that is Gavin and Stacey, I thought I would Twitter him. As Doctor Pepper would say, “What’s the worst that could happen?”

Well the lovely man replied and said he would do the interview no problem and would call me when he had time after I gave him my number!

Now can anyone tell me how I would have got the interview without Twitter? Just one tweet and he was mine. Although Rob Brydon obviously being a very lovely and down-to-earth-man had a big part to play in it all as well.

So thanks to Rob and thanks to Twitter, you’ve made my day, and probably my art’s supplement!

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